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Who We Are

KinderLach (Yiddish for children laugh) is an organization to assist children’s cognitive and physical skills in a fun and productive way during the pandemic. has projects, ideas and competitions for children all ages. KinderLach wants EVERY CHILD to have access to this back to basic healthy fun. The crafts can be ordered for a low price or it can be ordered for free too.

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Educational Fun

There are so many educational and fun games and activities out there. Some games can be bought but often the fun can be created with what you already have. KinderLach wants share these simple ideas with you.

Wood Burning

Using a simple Magnifying glass and a Wooden plaque you can wood burn any plaque which you always wanted.

Do not use on paper, since this can cause a fire.


Wood plaque links

Magnifier glass 


Battleship is not only a fun game, it also helps children learn the alphabet, numbers and how to strategize.

You can go bowling at Home too.

Search your recycling bin and there you will find your bowling pins. Books or blocks are great items to create your bowling alley.

Submit Your Creativity!

The above fun is a drop in the bucket of what can be done at home. will constantly be updating educational fun activities which you can do at home. Please send us your ideas so we can share them.